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Who am I?

French, originally from the Paris region, I’ve been living in Mauritius since August 2018.

The origins of this expatriation

The “metro, work, bed” routine so familiar to Parisians no longer suited my husband and me: we wanted a change.
One of the options was to move to Nantes or Bordeaux – exotic, isn’t it?

Some time later, my husband was offered the chance to work in Mauritius. Weighing up the pros and cons, we decided to leave in the hope of a better life.
Bye bye Parisian greyness, overcrowded metro and urban pollution!

It all happened very quickly: we quit our jobs, gave back the keys to our rental property, sorted through our belongings… But above all, the big challenge was to fit our lives into 4 suitcases weighing 23 kg.

Fortunately, Marie Kondo helped us with her magic of tidying.

The new beginning

So we took 2 one-way tickets to come and settle in this unknown land (in fact, it was 2 round-trip tickets with a business visa, not a one-way ticket as the authorities would refuse you access to the territory).
In August 2018, we discovered Mauritius for the 1st time and for an indefinite period.

Naturally, we did our homework before leaving. And thanks to’s special Mauritius feature, we were able to find lots of answers to our questions.

Then the moment came: a radical change from a 43m² Haussmann apartment to a 120m² house with garden and swimming pool. Today, we are the proud owners of a cat and a dog, and the parents of two little boys.

We don’t have the same lifestyle any more, and I invite you to discover all that through this blog.

You’ll find articles about life in Mauritius.
Whether it’s tourism, beaches, good addresses, or even administrative procedures, I’ll let you discover my daily life as an expatriate and also as a mom.

Want to find out more about life in Mauritius? You can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook where I post very regularly.

If you’re ready to move here and would like to be accompanied, you can contact the Smart Traveller agency. They specialize in assisting foreigners with their administrative formalities in Mauritius, including everything to do with permits!

Take advantage of a 5% discount on all their services with my code: SMART-FPTM.

If you have any further questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.

Jules x

Plage du Maritim Crystals Beach

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