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Expatriation Mauritius

Are you planning to move to Mauritius, or are you already here? Here’s what you need to know as a foreigner: permits, administrative procedures, etc.

Expatriation Mauritius

5 reasons to live in Mauritius

There are many reasons to live in Mauritius, but I’d like to share 5 of them with you. The 5 main reasons everyone agrees on.

Live in Mauritius
Expatriation Mauritius

Visas for Mauritius

Whether you’re looking for a vacation or to live in Mauritius, find information on visas in Mauritius: tourist visas, work permits, retirement…

Daily life

Mauritian public holidays

February 10, 2024, another public holiday.This is the 5th public holiday since the beginning of the year. And if you didn’t know, Mauritius is well