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Travel to Mauritius: the checklist of your holidays

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You're coming to Mauritius for the vacations, what should you bring? Swimsuit, flip-flops, sun cream and what else? My checklist here!

If you’re coming to Mauritius on vacation (or to settle here), what should you bring?
Bathing suit, flip-flops, sun cream and you’re good to go, right?
Well, not quite.

Some practical information

    • The capital: Port Louis
    • Currency: Mauritian rupee (MUR or RS)
    • Time difference: +3h in winter and +2h in summer. For example, in summer, if it’s 10 a.m. in France, it’ll be noon in Mauritius.
    • Driving is on the left
    • Languages spoken: French, English and Mauritian Creole
    • Best period: April to December
    • Entry visa: free tourist visa issued on arrival
    • Dialling code: +230 for Mauritian numbers, +33 for French numbers
    • Compulsory vaccinations: no
    • Total ban on electronic cigarettes / vapotage since June 2023

Here's my list of things to bring:

    • Take a look at the website for the latest information on local travel restrictions (#Covid19).
    • You can also fill in the entry form, which will save you a lot of paperwork during the flight (health information).
    • Small admin summary with passport details, local accommodation address, accommodation telephone number, flight number, seat number… By the way, make sure your passport doesn’t expire 6 months before the end of your trip, and make sure you have a return ticket (mandatory for re-entry into Mauritius)!
    • Mosquito repellent, otherwise you’ll be a mosquito feast at the Jardin de Pamplemousse.
    • You can also take a soothing cream for itchy insect bites.
    • Good footwear if you plan to climb Le Morne, visit the 7 waterfalls or the Gorges de la Rivière Noire.
    • When it comes to banking, make sure your bank card doesn’t charge you too much. For example, there are no fees for payments via N26 or Revolut, just exchange rates. You can also tell your banker at the same time that you’re going on vacation and will be spending money abroad. My article on N26 here.

What about technology?

    • Regarding telephony , I recommend that you deactivate your data roaming before arriving in Mauritius, otherwise beware of the mobile bill on your return.
      You’ll have wifi at Mauritius airport, and you can buy a SIM card directly at the airport with a choice of 2 operators:

At @MauritiusTelecom with their €15 ” Tourist sim ” offer, which entitles you to

  • 200GB unlimited data
  • + 174 RS phone calls
  • + unlimited SMS

Package valid for 30 days.

At @Emtel.mauritius you’ll get the Tourist Pack for RS 750 (less than €20), which entitles you to

  • 200 GB unlimited data
  • + 200 RS phone calls
  • + unlimited SMS

Package valid for 30 days.

To save time, you can pre-order your card online and then collect it from the airport counter.
Alternatively, you can take prepaid SIM cards and recharge as you wish.

    • A downloadable map of the island that you can use offline. This will give you routes, but not real-time traffic information.

Carte Ile Maurice


For Google Maps, you can download the map of Mauritius on Google Maps offline

> open Google maps > type Mauritius > then “download” in the options).


For hikers, download the Maps.Me application and the map of Mauritius. As with Google Maps, you’ll be able to use the map without data. What’s more, you’ll have access to hiking itineraries all over the island! What Google Maps won’t give you.


    • Whatsapp. Download it if you don’t already have the app. In Mauritius, everything goes through Whatsapp. 

The basics

Of course, don’t forget the essentials: sun cream (and after-sun lotion), sunglasses, hat / cap / bob, sandals / flip-flops, beach towel, a little sweater just in case, charger, passports, plug adapter just in case (UK type)…

You’re also wondering what the weather will be like once you get there? Do you need to bring pants? Will the sea water still be warm?


  1. First, I’d like to share with you a sneak preview of the weather?

Live weather from Flic-en-Flac

Live weather from Pointe aux Canonniers

2. Feel free to have a look at my article on the best season to come to Mauritius where I describe the weather month by month. It will give you a good idea of the climate.

Now you’re all set. Don’t forget to bring your good mood! You’ll be warmly welcomed and people will be delighted to help you.

How about settling in?

Maybe this trip will make you want to settle down – that’s what we did in 2018. I’ll tell you all about it here. And if you’d like some help, don’t hesitate to contact Smart Traveller, an agency specializing in visa procedures in Mauritius.

Get a 5% discount with my code SMART-FPTM

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