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Rental management of my French apartment with Manda (ex-Flatlooker)

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You have a property in France that you would like to rent out? Look no further, I've got the solution for you: Manda (ex-Flatlooker), a 2.0 real estate agency.

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You have a property in France that you need to rent out? Look no further, I’ve got the solution to save you the hassle of renting from a distance.

Indeed, while living abroad (and far away), it is not easy to rent out your apartment and take care of its management (handing over the keys, finding tenants, minor repairs).

Besides, we don’t always have family nearby to help us.

So what do we do about it?

Go through a traditional rental agency? No thanks, the processes are complicated and time-consuming, and I’m not even talking about the fees they are charging.

Let me introduce you Manda, a 2.0 real estate agency which, with the promo code FROMPARISTOMORIS, offers you €80 FREE on management fees.


Read my full review of this agency below:

  • A 2.0 rental agency
  • Simplified communication
  • Unbeatable rates
  • A dynamic tenant search
  • Conclusion: undeniable advantages

A 2.0 rental agency

100% digital management when you’re at a distance is what suits us best, but is it effective? It’s not a branch of Orpi or Century 21, so am I right to trust this start-up?

Like traditional neighborhood agencies, Manda offers several services to which we have subscribed:




Renting out settlement

Price estimates, advertisements, tenant selection assistance, lease contract including legal documents

75% of one month’s rent deducted from first rent

→ No money upfront.

Property management mandate

Handling day-to-day business: rent payments, liaison between landlord and tenant, minor concerns/works, questions to the property manager

From 3.9% of monthly rent incl. VAT

Unpaid rent guarantee

GLI insurance (garantie loyer impayés)

2.5% of monthly rent incl. VAT

Whether you’re a tenant or an owner, the platform is very easy to use.

As an owner, the dashboard is really ergonomic, making it easy to access all the information:

  • Housing
  • Finance and billing
  • Applications and applicant files

It’s all there, just a few clicks away. Tracking has never been so clear.


Manda is a different kind of local agency, offering modern processes and services. They are dynamic and very attentive to the market.

A few examples:

  • A professional photographer is sent by the agency to take 360° views of your property, as well as a video, not forgetting the common areas. These advanced technological tools are all you need to find the right tenant without having to go anywhere.
  • I’ve never met a Manda estate agent in person. Everything happens online. Note there’s just the handover of the keys, where there’s a physical exchange.
  • No paper to print out or to send by post, everything is done online (loving the e-signature!).
  • The inventory of fixtures is carried out by a specialized agent, who draws up a list of hundreds of items assessed with many photos. It’s reassuring for the exit/security deposit.

The communication is simplified

As an expatriate, I don’t want to systematically have to call or send documents by mails to sign documents.

With Manda, beside having access to all the data through the platform, they can be contacted by e-mail and WhatsApp.

It’s really convenient not having to deal with the tenant directly.

Thus, no more whatsapp calls on a weekend for a question about the landing lighting for instance.

Unbeatable rates

One of the big advantages of this agency is the cost of rental management as from 3.9%, i.e. €78 per month for an apartment with a monthly rent of €2,000 (for the standard offer).


And note that we don’t take any money out to pay management fees, as these are deducted from the tenant’s deposit.


You can also monitor your finances in real time from the comfort of your sofa.

Flatlooker appli

Another point we appreciated was the guarantee against unpaid rent (GLI). In addition to traditional management, we took out insurance against unpaid rent, which represents 2.5% of the rent per month, all taxes included.

Even if the agency has made a pre-selection of the tenant’s file, which we have also validated, who knows what can happen to your property? We preferred to insure our backs and have this peace of mind if one day our tenant decided not to pay the rent. What’s included in this insurance: no limit on the amount or duration (no deductible).

For a rent of €2,000 a month, that’s €50 a month.

→ So, to give you my example, I pay a total of €77 per month for a rent of €1,195:

  • €47 in management fees
  • €30 in unpaid rent insurance

Whether you’re an expatriate landlord 10,000 km away or just a landlord living in the next town, it’s a mental burden I’m happy to delegate and pay for.

A dynamic tenant search

We’ve got a property and now we need to find the right match.

Writing the advert, taking photos of the apartment, publishing the advert on dedicated platforms, updating the advert so that it comes up in the search results… It’s a huge task just to find the ideal tenant!

A job that can take weeks. Then there’s the job of sorting out the applications from the serious ones and the scams.

In short, with Manda, you don’t have to worry about that.

The ad is published every day on more than 15 real estate specialized platforms, and all applications are examined by the agents, who check the solvency and veracity of the information provided. They even use a certification algorithm to verify the authenticity of the documents sent.

flatlooker portails immobiliers

  • A selection of potential candidates is then provided to us, and all we have to do is choose. And in record time: it took us LESS THAN 3 DAYS TO FIND OUR LAST TENANT!


Manda/Flatlooker takes an average of 10 days to find a tenant vs. 30 days for a traditional agency. This time may vary depending on your property, the amount of rent, the location and also the period. For our apartment in the Paris region, we were looking for a tenant for September, a period of high demand.

Undeniable advantages

100% digital, accessible and transparent.

In addition to the distance, we didn’t have the time or the expertise/experience to manage the rental of our property.

Delegating does indeed have a cost, but a very reasonable one compared to all the services offered by this agency.

That’s why I’m sharing with you my promotional code FROMPARISTOMORIS, which will give you €80 OFF MANAGEMENT FEES!

Whether you’re an owner or future tenant, expatriate or not, take advantage of all these services in the comfort of your own home.

See you on Manda!

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