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Welcome to the resource center. Whether you’re planning a trip or an expatriation, here you’ll find a list of links and tools to help you prepare for this amazing project:

Guide l expatrie ile maurice

The reference site on expatriation in general.

What really helped us was the Mauritius Expat Guide! This free guide, updated every year, was very useful for my first year in Mauritius.

You’ll find basic information on all kinds of topics: cost of living, driving, moving…

Smart Traveller

Would you like to have access to an almost complete toolbox on Mauritius with all the detailed procedures in French? Schools in Mauritius, for example? Download it here.

Smart Traveller also offer a support service for visa applications and all administrative matters.
Take advantage of a 5% discount on all their services with my promotional code SMART-FPTM.

N26: A very practical bank account when being abroad

As a customer of this German neo-bank, I use my bank card very regularly in Mauritius to make payments, as there is NO FEES.

This allows me to benefit from the advantageous exchange rate at the moment (EUR > MUR).

Please note that N26 uses the Mastercard exchange rate and does not add any extra charges. The transaction is immediate on the mobile application.

Withdrawals are also free if you have a premium account. Otherwise, it will be 1.7% commission per withdrawal.

Get 20 EUR free when you open your account with my code juliep8883.

All the info in my article dedicated to this subject: Payment and withdrawal in Mauritius with N26

Useful sites when in Mauritius

Here’s the reference site for buying or renting your home in Mauritius: L’Express Property

If you’re looking to buy (or resell) a vehicle, here’s the site where I bought my last car:
The site is pretty well designed.

If you’re looking for a job as an employee, here are a few sites I recommend:

The reference for classified ads in Mauritius:

Widely used here, I also recommend going to Facebook Marketplace, where you’ll find a huge number of ads.

I hope my site helps you with your project. If you found it useful and would like to support me, you can buy me a coffee.
Thank you ❤️