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Kayak excursion on the Tamarin river with Yanature

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Feedback on my kayak trip on the Tamarin river, in Mauritius with Yanature company.

Excursion from May 17, 2023

Yanature, the contraction of the first name Yan and the common noun Nature.

Departing from the Tamarin surf school, we were greeted by Yan de Maroussem, the sportsman and founder of Yanature.

Yan, fondateur de Yanature

We opted for the kayak trip on the Tamarin river, a change from the classic outings on the open sea via speed boat or catamaran. It’s a more nature-friendly outing, different from what we’re used to in Mauritius.

In addition to our guide Yan, another couple was also present for this 1h45 trip.

As the river is shallow, no boat is able to access it. We didn’t come across any other kayaks either.

It was peaceful, a true communion with nature, except that the silence was interrupted by a few chirps from the moorhens we met along the way. We had no difficulty in forgiving their noise.

In our two-seater kayak, we followed Yan all the way. He gave us all the information we needed about the fauna, flora and various unusual sites, such as Cardinal Maurice Piat’s villa. A magnificent single-storey house overlooking the river, with only the Tamarin mangrove to look at. A house where I could see myself retiring. One can always dream, can’t one?

De belles demeures tout le long de notre balade en kayak

Mauritius is known for its high population density, with almost 1.3 million inhabitants on this small rock. And despite the warm and friendly welcome of its inhabitants, I was delighted to be able to take this timeless excursion. We were sheltered from the incessant noise of vehicles, buses, roadworks and so on.

By the time our walk came to an end, I had this feeling of completeness. Was it the heat that went to my brain? I don’t think so. With all the effort I’d put in, rowing all the way, it was as if my brain had switched off. I no longer had the mental load I usually carry (between the kids, the shopping, the meals and everything else). I felt ready to go out and buy a kayak so I could do this kind of outing again.

Alternatively, I could also book another outing with them. Yanature also offers kayak trips with dolphins or special sunset trips.

The only negative point is that I would have liked the outing to have lasted a little longer, to get even more out of this rejuvenating environment. A less vigorous paddle stroke would have been perfect. In any case, I’d recommend this outing if you’re up for a bit of sport.

sortie kayak sur la rivière de tamarin

In addition to kayak trips, Yanature also offers a wide range of hikes across the island: the 7 cascades, Chamarel, the Rivière Noire Gorges and many more.

For more information, visit

And don’t hesitate to tell Yan that you’re coming from me.

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